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Composite Steel Floor Deck Wind Uplift Forces
Specification Tables - Design Values
- Load Tables & Section Properties Diaphragm Shear Strength & Stiffness
Type 1.5 CF
Type 2.0 CF Specifications
Type 3.0 CF Typical Fastener Layouts
Pour Stop Selection Table - Tables
Composite Deck Details 1.5 CF, 2 CF, 3 CF with Structural Concrete (NW)
Non-Composite Steel Form Deck 3" Deep Bare Deck
Specifications 1 1/2" Deep Bare Deck
- Load Tables & Section Properties 15/16" Deep Bare Deck
Type SF, SVF 9/16" Deep Bare Deck
Type HF, HVF 3" Deep Deck with Type II Concrete Fill
Type EF, EVF 1 1/2 " Deep Deck with Type II Concrete Fill
Type IEF 15/16" Deep Deck with Type II Concrete Fill
Type 2.0 NCF 9/16" Deep Deck with Type II Concrete Fill
Type 3.0 NCF  
  Fire Resistant Ratings
Steel Roof Deck & Acoustical Roof Deck U.L. Listings Composite Floor Deck
U.L. Listings Roof & Form Deck
- Load Tables & Section Properties  
Type N, NV, NA Factory Mutual
Type B, BV, BA Approved Spans
Type F  
Deck Accessories